Comic duo Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo helped usher in a new era for the Dark Knight Detective during their 50 issue run on the Batman title. Defying expectations and adding new and exciting elements to the DC universe, Snyder and Capullo took the series in new directions while still being true to the characters that people have grown up with and love. 

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With that in mind, both comic superstars are teaming up again to take on the DC Universe in their newest series Dark Nights: Metal. The new event series was announced at Fan Expo Dallas this Sunday and will launch in August after the Dark Days storyline Snyder will be co-writing with Detective Comics scribe James Tynion IV. While there isn’t much in the way of details regarding what the plot of Dark Nights: Metal is, Scott Snyder did hint at the tone a little in the interview I conducted with him last month.


“The event with (Greg) Capullo is going to be nuts. It’s literally like we’re given the keys to Geoff Johns’ car and I want to open her up on the road. He’s been a terrific mentor and I’m hugely inspired by what he’s able to do and what’s he’s about to do with the Watchmen is really incredible. But it is like you get the keys and you’re like, “I get to drive THIS car with all these characters? The whole Justice League? I can choose Green Arrow or Red Tornado?” This is going to be so fun and Greg is ready to rock out. I tell him “How about Batman with a battle axe?” and he says “What about two battle axes and pyro?!” 

Personally, I cannot wait for this event to get here and I will be keeping my eyes and ears out for any news about this event in order to bring it to you.

Are you looking forward to Dark Nights: Metal? Let me know in the comments below.

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