Writer/Director David S. Goyer has been attached to the long gestating Masters of the Universe film for a while and now it looks like something big is going to change.

masters of the universe

Goyer was attached as writer, executive producer and director of the big screen adaptation of the classic toy and animated series. Unfortunately, it looks like talks between Goyer and the studio Sony have fallen through on that front and the Masters of the Universe film will be looking for another director.

david goyer

Goyer will be staying on the project as Executive Producer and screenwriter, but apparently there is a scheduling conflict with Goyer working on a mini-series adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. David S. Goyer’s writing credits include Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight trilogy as well as Man of Steel for Zack Snyder. His directing credits include Blade: Trinity and The Unborn.

No word yet on who will be taking over directing duties of the film, which has been in development since 2009.

Masters of the Universe is still scheduled to be released December 18, 2019.


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