The big screen adaptation of J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell’s comic book series is taking another step forward.

According to multiple sources, including The Hollywood Reporter, Constantin Films and Bolt Pictures have tapped a writer for the Danger Girl movie.


Danger Girl follows the adventures of Abby Chase, an adventurer and explorer who is recruited by a secret organization to track down and recover mystical objects located all over the world. Joining Abby on her adventures are operatives Sydney Savage and Natalia Kasstle. The three of them travel the world tracking down the artifacts in an attempt to keep them from falling into the hands of the evil Hammer Syndicate.

Robert Kulzer of Constantin Film, Jeremy Bolt of Bolt Pictures and Adran Askarieh of Prime Universe Films are producing the film and they have hired Umair Aleem to write the script for the proposed film.

Aleem’s previous credits include the 2015 action film Extraction starring Bruce Willis and the upcoming Netflix produced action film Kate.

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