TURBO OVERKILL, the hyper-fast-paced cyberpunk FPS with a delicious mix of retro style and modern graphics, kneecap slices onto Steam Early Access for PC on Friday, April 22, 2022 with the first of three planned episodes.

TURBO OVERKILL is the first new FPS IP in 25 years by the legendary Apogee Entertainment, the original indie game publisher behind Wolfenstein 3DDuke Nukem 3DRise of the TriadPreyand Max Payne.

Dash and car surf across eight vibrant, secret-packed levels with firepower and chainsaw leg power to spare. Inspired by retro shooter classics like DOOM and Quake with modernized movement, controls, and acrobatics, TURBO OVERKILL takes the fight to a rogue AI bent on dominating a futuristic cyberpunk city.

The gates of Paradise are open. The bloody, bullet-riddled road to 1.0—a full multi-platform release across PC, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles—begins here.

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