The CW has had tremendous success with their television series based on characters like Green Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl and others. With the upcoming Black Lightning series, the network continues to look to the publisher for new heroes to bring to life.

The CW is currently in development on another DC Comics property for television according to sources like CBR and Variety. The series is currently titled Project 13 and is based on the DC Comics character Traci Thirteen.


In the comics, Traci and her father Doctor Thirteen investigate paranormal incidents with Traci as the believer due to her magical abilities and her father as a skeptic. Traci is usually based out of the Suicide Slums district of Metropolis where she was in a relationship with Natasha Irons.


The new series puts Traci into the world as a Forensic Scientist who believes in the mystic and the occult, but her father remains skeptical even as Traci begins to manifest powers of her own. So far there is no indication that this new series will feature in the Arrowverse because Greg Berlanti is not involved in the production, so no one knows if the series will feature on the CW proper, the CW Seed or the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Brothers streaming service.

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