Today, Comedy Central announced it has resumed production on stand-up for the first time since the start of the pandemic. “Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” was recently filmed in New York City with performances in front of a small, socially-distanced audience and with production following Covid-19 safety protocols and measures for all talent, crew and audience. 

“Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring,” the breakout short-form, original digital stand-up series, will premiere on Comedy Central’s Stand-Up YouTube channel starting on Tuesday, December 1. The series will feature sets by Rosebud Baker, Mary Beth Barone, Brittany Carney, Christi Chiello, Andy Haynes, Josh Johnson, Ismael Loutfi, Gavin Matts, Monroe Martin, Rebecca O’Neal and Eagle Witt.

“Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” is the brand’s snack-able stand-up digital content. The short form originals are produced exclusively for the brand’s Stand-Up YouTube channel with sets running approximately 5-10 minutes in length. Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring includes close to 100 comedians and has filmed in Los Angeles, New York City and Austin.

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