Chris Pratt is going to star in the big screen adaptation of the Image Comics series Cowboy Ninja Viking and it looks like the production has found its director.

According to multiple stories in Deadline and Variety, Universal Pictures has hired director Michelle MacLaren to direct the big screen adaptation of A.J. Lieberman and Riley Rossmo’s Cowboy Ninja Viking.


Cowboy Ninja Viking tells the story of a secret government experiment that uses mental patients with multiple personalities to create an army of assassins. After the program falls apart, the surviving subjects are hired out all over the world as trained killers and one subject named Duncan (Pratt) is tasked with bringing down his fellow subjects using the skills and personalities of a Cowboy, a Ninja and a Viking.


Michelle MacLaren is a name that has been brought up before when talking about comic book movies. She was originally considered to helm the first Wonder Woman movie before it went to Patty Jenkins. MacLaren has an impressive resume which includes multiple episodes of Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. MacLaren’s next project is the World War II drama The Nightingale.

Cowboy Ninja Viking is scheduled to hit theaters June 28, 2019.


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