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3146336-0bsonicuniverse_91-0vSonic Universe#91
“Case of the Pirate Princess #1”
Archie Comics

Written by:Aleah Baker and Ian Flynn
Art by: Adam Bryce Thomas

The Sonic the Hedgehog comics have always done a really great job of showcasing the expanded universe of the Sega games and part one of this tale is no different. This story features the Chaotix Detective Agency of Vector the Crocodile, Espid the Chameleon and Charmy Bee. Vector is trying to lean hard into being a film noir detective in the city complete with mysterious dames, drawn shades and an overabundance of narration. While dealing with his fellow detectives, no cases and the rent hanging over his head, a mysterious woman comes into the office and offers him a real case with real money and the promise of adventure.

Baker and Flynn are great at crafting this story that has the detectives on the hunt for a missing undersea princess with a Lieutenant from the City Guard who really doesn’t need them as much as they think she does. The story takes the detectives from the city to deep beneath the sea as they battle crooked dock workers, long explanations and eventually undersea pirates. The comedic back and forth that the writers inject into the story is engaging and actually very funny. Thomas’s artwork is crisp, bright and detailed and his use of color makes the characters and backgrounds pop and gel together well. Will Team Chaotix risk it all for the sake of rescuing the princess? Will Vector get the detective glory that he’s desperately searching for? Will they get paid? Pick it up and find out.

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