Catwoman: Lonely City #1

DC Black Label

Written by Cliff Chiang

Art by Cliff Chiang

Letters by Cliff Chiang

The Rundown: Selina Kyle returns to Gotham after serving time in Black Gate Penitentiary.

50-Something Selina Kyle is released from prison after a ten-year sentence. She returns to find the Gotham she once knew changed. She waxes sentimental as she visits a series of places and gawks at the steep increases in prices. After visiting the Penguin, she makes an interesting decision. Later, she breaks into Gotham Central and discovers something unusual. Afterwards, she watches an interview with Mayor Dent and goes to see some old acquaintances. Soon, she makes the decision to pull off a wild caper and enlists the help of a friend. Days later, she dons the Catwoman suit and breaks into a facility to retrieve something important. Finally, Harvey Dent has an interesting conversation with the commissioner.

The Story: Chiang sets up a compelling narrative following the capers of a middle aged Catwoman. I appreciate that this story is set in an evolved Gotham and shows how several villains have recreated their images. It feels very fresh and realistic. I am also curious about the tragedy of Fool’s Night and I like how this first chapter gives a glimpse of that event. I am excited about this series and look forward to the next episode.

The Art: Chiang uses a traditional newspaper print styling to create the world of this story. The color palette changes with the location and characters providing a tonal shift that flows well with the story line. Overall, I found the illustration in this issue to be engaging and transportive.

Catwoman: Lonely City #1



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