Bryan SilverBaX (licensed illustrator for Marvel & Star Wars), is gearing up for the launch of his debut comic book. Brought to you by Scout Comics and Entertainment, Loggerhead is a gritty tale of revenge, set to be published in May:

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This is a mature and bloody, sci-fi narrative following the journey of Buford “Junior” LaCroix (AKA Loggerhead), an individual afflicted with a DNA abnormality, gradually leading to a shocking change in his appearance.


“I’m really excited to share Loggerhead with the world. Having a comic book published was something I’ve always wanted to do. Loggerhead was originally a part of a whole roster of comic book characters I’d designed. His striking appearance stood out to those I shared my work and they encouraged me to further develop his story. The result was a 22-page comic book. The initial idea was to self-publish it through crowdfunding, but then, Scout Comics and Entertainment reached out to me,” said Bryan.


Loggerhead Bloody Bayou #1 (Reservation Code MAR202089) will hit store shelves on May 13th, 2020 with an SRP of $3.99. Readers can also grab themselves two unique cover variants; one by Walter Ostlie (Reservation Code MAR202090) as well as a Scout Web Store exclusive by Stefano Cardoselli.

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