To say that any news coming from the set of an upcoming Marvel film is coveted would be a massive understatement, but there has been news today that Marvel fans might find immensely interesting.

Brie Larson

According to multiple sources, including a photographer on set for Avengers 4, currently filming in Atlanta, actress Brie Larson has appeared on set for the film. Larson was cast in the role of Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel and her solo film is set to debut between the release of Avengers Infinity War and the currently untitled Avengers 4. Previous rumors had Larson’s Captain Marvel making her debut in Infinity War, but they were shot down by Infinity War director Joe Russo.


Larson was seen at the studio where Avengers 4 principal photography is being done along with Captain America himsefl Chris Evans. Just Jared confirmed Larson’s presence with photos of the stars at Pinewood Atlanta Studios. While this doesn’t confirm whether or not she will appear in character in the film, it is a strong indication that she might make a cameo at least.

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