Black Widow #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Kelly Thompson

Art by Elena Casagrande

Colors by Jordie Bellaire

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: Widow continues to live her new life, but the shadows of her old one start to creep in.

“Natalie” seems to be extremely happy being engaged and working as an architect in California. Something both Hawkeye and Winter Soldier notice as they watch her home from the woods. Unable to determine if they should rescue her and what they rescuing her from, Clint decides to take the initiative and pay his ex a visit. After introducing himself to her and trying to determine if she needs his help, not only does she not signal that there is a problem, but Clint discovers a small complication that changes everything.

With the duo still watching, Nat goes out for the evening and finds herself witnessing a crime in progress. Leaping into action, she rescues a woman and takes down multiple assailants before she even realizes what she’s done. When she returns home, a familiar face continues to watch her progress and questions what they’ve done.

The Story: Kelly Thompson continues to expand the mystery of what is happening to the Black Widow in surprising and delightful ways. The way the story unfolds and the twists within it are impressive. What also really works well is the humor. It’s subtle and feels natural in moments like Clint and Bucky talking to each other about the fact that they’re stalking their ex as well as Arcade’s frustration with not being able to indulge in trying to kill anyone. To see him sitting around like a pouting child is amusing.

The Art: Elena Casagrande delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. There’s a quiet beauty to Widow’s domestic life and Casagrande brings that across with great detail. The action is great as well and I love the panel progression as Nat’s fight happens with the backdrop of a spider’s web.

Black Widow #2



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