Bitter Root #11

Image Comics

Written by David F Walker and Chuck Brown

Art by Sanford Greene

Colors by Sofie Dodgson

Letters by Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

The Rundown: As the forces of Barzakh continue to seep into the world of men, the Sangerye family assesses their role in fighting against them.

In the wake of Adro’s returns to Barzakh, the world finds a small moment of peace, but the effects of the attacks are still being dealt with by the survivors. While some, like Berg, have found a measure of peace with his condition and even a community of fellow infected souls, others find things more difficult. Blink deals with a crisis of faith even in the wake of her mother’s return. Ma Etta finds herself in a rare moment of self doubt as she wonders if the work she’s dedicated her long life to actually matters.

Enoch and representatives of the other families contemplate the escalation in gateways and get a harsh lesson in the reality of the evil they face from one who has spent years living in the darkness. At the same time, Cullen and Ford head south so that Ford can keep a promise to Johnnie-Ray as Cullen discovers a new evil taking root nearby.

The Story: Walker and Brown infuse this issue with humanity and heart. Taking the reader into the aftermath of the last arc, the story allows for great character development and emotional connection for the reader. I loved the tone of the story and how it doesn’t shy away from the collateral effects of the attack and how it changes the community and its people. There are great moments of resilience shown throughout and everything from the narration to the dialogue is fantastic.

The Art: Greene delivers some beautiful visuals throughout this issue. There are awesome character moments and the background details are rich, vibrant and engaging.

Bitter Root #11



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