Batman Universe #6

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Batman will get one last chance to stop Vandal Savage from getting ultimate power, but it could cost the Dark Knight everything.


Trapped in a damaged Lantern ring, Batman finally finds the corrupted AI running it and tries to convince it to shut down. Bad programming in place, the ring decides to abandon Batman and chose another, Vandal Savage.

With almost unlimited power, Savage erases Batman from existence. Undeterred, Bruce Wayne goes after the immortal villain in an attempt to stop the criminal and retrieve the ring. Unfortunately for Savage, he’s going to get a first hand lesson in the corruption living in the ring itself.

The Story: Batman Universe takes some convoluted, but satisfying twists and turns in its finale. For all the unnecessarily comic asides and quips from Batman and others, Bendis finds a way to bring this story to a satisfactory conclusion. The story has been hit or miss with me at times, but it has consistently been entertaining in its own right. I liked a lot of the dialogue in it, especially the moments between Batman and Vandal Savage. The Green Lantern corps is utilized effectively in this story and even the moments in the ring are well done and serve the plot well.

The Art: Nick Derington does some great work in this issue. The action is fantastic and I loved the Green Lantern splash page especially. There are some other great visual moments and panels with fun easter eggs and appearances throughout as Vandal and Batman fight through time and space. This is a great looking issue from start to finish.

Batman Universe #6




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