Batman Universe #5

DC Comics

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Troy Peteri

The Rundown: Batman returns to the present and teams up with another ally to take down Vandal Savage and recover the egg.


Bruce is back in the present and in need of some emergency help from Alfred. As the two head back to the cave, Bruce discovers that there is more to the egg than he realized and he is more determined to retrieve it. When Nightwing shows up at the cave, he decides to tag along on the next leg of this adventure.

Batman and Nightwing manage to track down Vandal Savage and as the villain works to unlock the power within the egg, Batman will make a startling discovery that will garner some intergalactic attention.

The Story: This chapter of Batman Universe was incredibly enjoyable. Bendis does a great job of playing up the relationship dynamic between Bruce and Dick. It has a classic feel to the storytelling that is engaging. I enjoyed the pace of the story and how it moves between story and action. The twists in the issue are great and the end of the issue did a great job of making me want to see where this story goes next.

The Art: Nick Derington draws some amazing action scenes. There’s a great one page sequence that shows Batman and Nightwing versus ninjas and it is laid out beautifully. This is a great looking issue from start to finish and filled with gorgeous details.

Batman Universe #5




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