Batman Superman #7

DC Comics

Written by Joshua Williamson

Art by Nick Derington

Colors by Dave McCaig

Letters by John J Hill

The Rundown: Batman and Superman will find themselves teaming up with an enemy to fight an unimaginable force.


Both contemplating the ghosts of their pasts, Batman and Superman head to Stryker’s Island cemetery to investigate a potential threat in the form of the deceased Kryptonite Man. When they are attacked by an unknown figure with a kryptonite sword, the duo finds themselves confronting Ras Al Ghul who tells them General Zod wants to use his Lazarus Pit to resurrect the people of Kandor.

Tracking Zod to a hidden location, the trio finds Zod has infiltrated the location and is waiting for them. As they prepare to fight, Superman comes to a realization that will put all of them at risk.

The Story: Joshua Williamson begins a new and interesting arc for the duo in this issue. Taking the plot points and character arcs started with Bendis’ Superman run as well as Super Sons, Williamson expands on the story by bringing the consequences of the Kandor massacre to the forefront and crafting a story that is entertaining. Ras Al Ghul is portrayed with cunning and you can even understand and empathize with Zod’s desire to resurrect the people of Kandor. A really well done beginning to an interesting arc.

The Art: Nick Derington has some good art in this issue. His style can feel a little simplistic at times, but there are some great panels throughout with the final panels being some of the best in the issue.

Batman Superman #7




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