Batman Reptilian #6

DC Black Label

Written by Ennis Garth

Art by Liam Sharp

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Batman uses a variety of methods to subdue a violent and deadly monster.

Volkov acts as bait for the reptilian monster. Soon the Batmobile becomes a weapon as it used in an unusual manner. Afterwards, Batman does something surprising. Then, Volkov finds himself in a dangerous predicament. Finally, Batman has a series of interesting conversations with his associates.

The Story: The final chapter in this series neatly wraps up as Batman not only deals with the predator but disarms his enemies. I really appreciate the way that Batman in this iteration works within his personal no-kill rule in an intriguing manner. It reminds me of Christian Bale’s version of the Dark Knight in his final battle with Ras Al Ghul. Garth’s interpretation of Batman was extremely enjoyable as I am a fan of darker tales. I would love to see more stories like this in the future.

The Art: Liam Sharp delivers another masterpiece in hyper-realism. His impressive artwork accentuates this dark and twisted tale magnificently. As always, I found the panels emotionally engaging and transportive. And for the final time, I implore readers to treat this series as an art enthusiast collector’s edition.

Batman Reptilian #6



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