Batman Reptilian #1

DC Black Label

Written by Garth Ennis

Art by Liam Sharp

Letters by Rob Steen

The Rundown: Batman publicly confronts an enemy, and then later investigates a heinous crime.

Several reporters question an attorney regarding several dropped charges filed against his client, Edgar Liccardo. The press conference is interrupted by Batman, who then publicly confronts Liccardo, forcing a response. Later, Bruce Wayne has a conversation with Alfred regarding Batman’s recent actions, as well as a recent disturbing crime. Then, Batman conducts a brief investigation that reveals a suitable informant. After receiving a wealth of intel, he coerces his new source into an unexpected action.

The Story: Garth Ennis has expertly crafted a dark and brutal entry into the Batman universe. The first chapter in this adult oriented series immediately dives into Gotham’s corrupt practices. From police cover-ups to violent gang activity to a mysterious menace, this comic has it all. And in the midst, there is a vengeful and morally bankrupt Batman that uses his no-killing rule as a means to terrorize the vulnerable. I am already completely invested in this promising series, and can’t wait to find out what happens next.

The Art: Liam Sharp does a masterful job visually creating the world of Gotham City. Hyper-detailed drawings are highlighted by extraordinarily realistic color work. As a result, each panel feels like a stylized painting. This beautiful issue is a must have collectible.

Batman Reptilian #1



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