Batman Incorporated #11

DC Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by John Timms, Sergio Acuna and Nikola Cizmesija

Colors by Rex Lokus

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Batman Incorporated races against the mad clock of the Joker to stop his Joker Incorporated minions.

Joker Incorporated continues its reign of terror all over the world and Ghost-Maker has made the decision to kill them before they kill their hostages and the bombs inside them kill more. Unfortunately, one of them is the sister of a member who wants to believe there is another way.

At the same time, Raven Red squares off with the man who put his father in the hospital and learns why the clown targeted him. As the two battle, Raven Red makes the decision to end the threat once and for all.

The Story: Brisson adds a level of intensity that I have been wanting to see from this series. The story is personal to many of these characters and this plot gives those characters a chance to be fleshed out more. That being said, Ghost-Maker gets pushed to the background a little too much especially with this arc being about Joker trying to force him to be break his no kill promise to Batman. I haven’t seen enough of an actual challenge to the character to make his involvement compelling.

The Art: All of the artists deliver fantastic art in the issue. The visuals are bright, brilliantly detailed and live up to the intensity of the story.

Batman Incorporated #11



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