B.ARK, the retro shoot ‘em up animal adventure from Tic Toc Games featured in a Nintendo™ Showcase early last year, takes to the stars on Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam today.

Barker, Felicity, Lucio, and Marv are the unlikely animal heroes of Team B.ARK, and humanity’s only hope for survival. Take back the Earth solo, or band together in up to four-player local co-op to prepare for an epic showdown against the fearsome Dark Tide armada!

Pilots each wield their own special weapons: unleash vollies of homing, spread, and explosive bullets at oncoming attackers. Simultaneously launch their unique Super abilities to create ultra-powerful Fusion Combos. Blast through waves of enemies and powerful bosses such as the shockingly agile Mecha Ray, or the giant Twin Eels that test pilots’ dodge skills.

As a love letter to arcade shoot ‘em ups of the ‘90s, B.ARK was built from the beginning to appeal to everyone. Seasoned starfaring shmup veterans and first-timers alike can enjoy the journey with three difficulty modes. Vets can even use Side-Car Mode to scoop up and carry downed teammates, adding them to their ship so no one’s left out. Those seeking a more competitive experience and bragging rights can compare high scores with the end level tally screen.

B.ARK’s impressive hand-drawn art and Saturday morning cartoon inspiration give a whole new meaning to the word dogfighter. Zoom through richly detailed environments to the tune of heroic music for easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down frenetic fun where it’s impossible not to smile.

“We’re fans of both cartoons and co-op shooters, and we wanted to pass on that love to a new generation,” said Abraham Morales, co-director, Tic Toc Games. “We’ve merged our passions into an action-packed game and we’re excited to share it with everyone on Nintendo Switch and PC today!”

B.ARK is now available with a 20% launch discount on Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam in North America, Europe, Great Britain, and Russia in English for $7.99 until August 4.

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