Avengers #54

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Juan Frigeri

Colors by David Curiel

Letters by Cory Petit

The Rundown: One of the Avengers faces his twisted double as the others try to save a dying Deathlok.

Captain Marvel and Captain America race back to Avengers Mountain with a transformed Starbrand and the last surviving Deathlok in order to warn the other Avengers about the threat they are facing. Unfortunately, the alternate universe Phoenix has other ideas as she unleashes her Thor on the jet, crippling it. Thor and Echo arrive just in time to save their friends, but Thor will have to tap into a legacy he rejects if he has any chance of defeating his double and the entity that rules him.

At the same time, Black Panther and Namor fight to hold off the collapse of the mountain itself while Jane tries to save the Deathlok connected to the mountain’s computers. As Doom watches on, he receives a visit from a pair of villains who take issue with his incursion and what it means for his future plans. Plans that will require Doom’s forces to leave and the power of the Watcher to bring about.

The Story: There is a lot of great action in this issue. Aaron does a great job of making the characters entertaining and compelling. The moments with Doom are delightfully ominous and I continue to enjoy the mystery in the arc as well as the revelations made within it. The moments between Thor and Echo are interesting and I am intrigued at how their connection will evolve going forward.

The Art: Juan Frigeri delivers some powerful imagery throughout the story. The action is visually stunning. The characters look great and the details in every panel capture the eye.

Avengers #54



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