750559._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Avengers #18

Marvel Comics

Written by Jason Aaron

Art by Ed McGuinness

Inks by Mark Morales

Colors by Justin Ponsor

Letters by Cory Petit

Across the capital and the surrounding area, a select group of heroes is heeding the call to action.


As the Frost Giants make their way towards the capital, the Squadron Supreme is prepared to answer the call. All of the members of the team make their way to the Lincoln Memorial in order to meet with their leader Phil Coulson. The heroes race into battle and turn the tide of it in their favor before moving on to another group of creatures heading their way. The group is incredibly effective in fighting off the creatures.

At the same time, there is something dark behind the scenes of this new Squadron Supreme. A darkness that is being driven by both Phil Coulson and a force that he answers to. With the Avengers out of the area, Squadron Supreme moves in to fight off the invasion and manages to drive them out of the city and it shows the limits of what they are willing to defend. As we learn the disturbing truth about how this version of the Squadron came together, we find out that Coulson is taking orders from a familiar face.

Jason Aaron tackles the War of the Realms from a different perspective in this issue and it works really well. It’s both entertaining and enlightening with a killer conclusion. As beloved a character Coulson has become over time, it is interesting to see this new side of him and who has been manipulating him. All of the secrets behind the Squadron Supreme are sublimely interesting and both the end fight and final reveal and amazing.

Ed McGuinness delivers some amazingly detailed and beautiful art in this issue and everything from the characters to the action looks great.

Avengers #18




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