When news leaked that Marvel was working on a project with acclaimed young adult author Rainbow Rowell, many speculated on what project they would be collaborating on.


Today, at Book Expo America in New York, it was announced that Rowell would be writing the revival of the Brian K. Vaughn series Runaways. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the author of Fangirl and Carry On said “This is my favorite Marvel book.” She went on to explain the process of her taking on the title.

“When [editor Nick Lowe] first reached out to me a few years ago about maybe working for Marvel, it was the first thing I asked him about. The characters and original story by Brian K. Vaughn are just so great and so beautifully built. I was really excited because I always felt like there were more Runaway stories and that book should just have kept going.”

Rowell is expected to tackle the issues of many of the characters being spread out across the Marvel Universe including the ramifications of how to bring the surviving members back together and what their ultimate purpose is as a team. Rowell will be joined on the title by Star-Lord and Uncanny X-Men artist Kris Anka.

Earlier this week, Marvel released a series of character posters featured below.

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