Cover._SX1280_QL80_TTD_ (48)American Carnage #3

DC Comics/ Vertigo Comics

Written by Bryan Hill

Art by Leandro Fernandez

Colors by Dean White

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Things get more intense for Richard and Sheila gets some unexpected news.

After the events of the last issue, Richard finds himself face to face with a decision to attack an unarmed black drug dealer in order to solidify his place with the group.


When things so south, Richard makes a decision that potentially makes matters worse for his undercover assignment. When he calls Jennifer for help, the person she sends implicates Richard in two crimes before knocking the man out.

In the haze of his consciousness, Richard reflects on his undercover career and that skills he utilizes to change who he is while Sheila gets some devastating medical news that could potentially derail her career.

Richard’s connection to Jennifer also puts him in the line of fire when a new threat emerges and goes after them both.

The twists and turns this story is taking are amazing. The brilliant tone and pace of the action and intrigue are a testament to Bryan Hill’s skill as a storyteller. The increasingly dire circumstances Richard finds himself in add tension to the already interesting and entertaining plot. With so many new complications added to the lives of these characters, I can’t wait to see how Bryan Hill pushes this story forward.

Leandro Fernandez’ art perfectly complements the gritty, dark tone of this story and this issue specifically. There are some stunning panels in this issue and the art really helps drive the tension of the story.

American Carnage #3




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