Alienated #1

Boom! Studios

Written by Simon Spurrier

Art by Chris Wildgoose

Colors by Andre May

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Three outcasts will find a secret power that will change all of their lives.

Samuel, Samantha and Samir are three teens living their separate lives in a small town. As each deals with their own personal issues, they find themselves walking together to school and avoiding a kid who takes pleasure in bullying them. When they come upon a strange object hanging from a tree, they are inundated with powers that connect them mentally to each other.


Their day at school with their new powers becomes a nightmare as they can’t escape the thoughts of the others and when the bully that harasses them is told about they found, his foray into the woods will end in tragedy as the three Sams discover their powers are connected to something stranger than they imagined.

The Story: Mixing in elements that speak to the current state of society and how teens react to the world, Spurrier creates a story that is interesting with characters that are immediately engaging because of how diverse they are in their experiences and reactions. The plot moves a little slow because it’s introducing the reader to new characters, a new world and new conflicts, but the first issue is worth reading because of how interesting these characters are. It will be more interesting to see how these characters and the central conflict of the story evolves over time.

The Art: Chris Wildgoose delivers some beautiful art throughout this issue. The characters are detailed and look amazing. The backgrounds are lush and vibrant and complements the tone of the story.

Alienated #1




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