736487._SX1280_QL80_TTD_Age of X-Man: Next Gen #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Ed Brisson

Art by Marcus To

Colors by Jason Keith

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The cracks in the paradise Nate has created continue to grow.

The next generation of mutants are being raised and trained in the perfect world of the Summers Institute. As the New Mutants try to navigate school life and the demands of their upcoming futures, there is something brewing beneath the surface of this perfect façade.


Glob is a young man with several secrets. Secrets that make him a curiosity to some and an object of derision to others. As he quietly works with his chickens, psychic Manon is curious why she cannot see into his mind. Shark Girl makes fun of him for writing fan fiction stories, but they are oddly similar to the adventures he and the other mutants experienced before Nate’s perfect world.

When Armor and some of the others decide they want to become part of Department X, a local fire exposes more secrets from more students and Glob seems to know more about what’s going than he’s telling.

This first issue is setting up some interesting mysteries that could reach right into the heart of the world being created. Brisson is showing that the tighter Nate tries to hold things together, the more things escape his grasp. It’s appropriate that the new mutants are the center of this story because of their role in the events leading to it. Brisson gives them more nuanced personalities in this issue and both the pace, plot and dialogue all work.

The art by Marcus To looks great. There are some beautiful panels in this issue and the art perfectly matches the tone of this story.

Age of X-Man NextGen #1




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