While politicians and pundits debate the refugee issues affecting the world today, ABC has decided to spotlight that issue in a different way with one of their new shows coming this Fall. 


The Crossing stars Steve Zahn (Treme) as the sheriff of a small town in Washington state who is called to investigate a body washed ashore. After saving the life of a young girl, he is shocked to see hundreds of bodies floating along the shoreline. While some are saved, many perish and the story they have to tell attracts an FBI agent played by Sandrine Holt (House of Cards) to the area as well. It turns out that these refugees are fleeing from a war-torn country and are seeking asylum. The only problem is that the war torn country they are escaping is America, 250 years in the future. Not only that, but they aren’t the first ones here.

The Crossing is from Executive Producers Jay Beattie (Criminal Minds) and Dan Dworkin (The Event) and also stars Natalie Martinez (Under the Dome) and Marcuis Harris (Vice Principals).


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