Abbott 1973 #5

Boom! Studios

Written by Saladin Ahmed

Art by Sami Kivela

Colors by Mattia Iacono

Letters by Jim Campbell

The Rundown: Abbott fights to save the woman she loves, but a bigger threat looms on the horizon.

The Umbra’s latest assassin Hunter has taken over the body of Amelia and incapacitated Elena’s back up. As Hunter tempts Abbott with an alliance, she fights back to remove him from the woman she loves. Abbott will discover in the aftermath not only something new about her powers, but that the reach of the Umbra is long and getting stronger. After escaping the encounter with Hunter, a bigger problem erupts in the city when unknown propaganda threatens to taint the election of the city’s first black Mayor.

Abbott goes out on her own knowing the danger she faces as well as what could happen if she fails and finds that her fight with Hunter is connected to the election tampering. As Abbott fights to stop Hunter for the final time, she has no idea that there is a bigger and less subtle threat waiting for its moment to strike.

The Story: Ahmed brings this arc to a satisfying conclusion and ramps up the bigger story in ways that make me clamor for what’s next. The dialogue is fantastic and all of the characters are compelling. The plot is tight and brings all the characters and their relationships where they need to be. Abbott’s personal life has great drama throughout and the resolution of this issue gives the character some interesting personal and professional issues to tackle.

The Art: Sam Kivela delivers some beautiful art throughout the issue. There are some great character moments filled with detail and style. I love the dark visuals and how they perfectly match the tone and mood of the story.

Abbott 1973 #5



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