Westworld ended its second season with a new staus quo for the characters and a new conflict ready to begin outside the confines of the park. Now there’s news that someone new will be joining the series for its upcoming third season.


According to reports in The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline, actor Aaron Paul has joined the cast of HBO’s Westworld for the upcoming third season. Those reports also state that Paul will join the season as a series regular. This would indicate that whoever his character is in the third season, he will be significant enough to warrant a longer arc than a guest star would.


The producers are tight lipped about who Paul will play in the upcoming season but with both Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) and Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) operating outside in the real world, Paul could wind up either being a rogue host working with Dolores, a human working with Bernard or his character might be someone of significance to both sides of the brewing conflict.

Aaron Paul is known for his roles in series like Bojack Horseman and Big Love. He is most well known for his break out role of Jesse Pinkman on the series Breaking Bad. Paul won four Emmy awards for the role.

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