A Town Called Terror #2

Image Comics

Written by Steve Niles

Art by Szymon Kudranski

Colors by Szymon Kudranski

Letters by Scott O. Brown

The Rundown: Henry West wants to escape from his family, but his father has a mission for him that might make him stay.

Henry wakes up in his family home in his old room and proceeds to look for answers. After being called to see what his newly resurrected father wants from him, Henry’s ire towards the family and its legacy causes the two to clash. Things get even worse when Henry’s father implores him to find someone important to him, his mother.

At the same time, Henry’s wife continues her mission to find her husband and her investigator gets a clue. Henry decides to pay a visit to one of his siblings to get answers and decides to show the dark denizens of the town just how dangerous he still is.

The Story: The story does a great job of diving into Henry as a character and giving more context to his complicated relationship with his father. I like the fact that Niles expands that story in this issue by having Henry also deal with his siblings as well. The action was handled really well with the reader getting a sense of the dangerous nature of the character.

The Art: Kudranski delivers some beautiful imagery throughout the issue. There are some visually disturbing moments in the story and Kudranski is able to give those moments visual weight and presence.

A Town Called Terror #2



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