2064: Read Only Memories Integral


Nintendo Switch

Normally, I am not a fan of retro games on a next gen platform. I usually don’t see the point unless the publisher is going to radically change the gameplay and the graphics to match the technology. 2064: Read Only Memories Integral decides to stick to the retro look of the PC version and that actually works in its favor for the Nintendo Switch version.


You play a struggling journalist who finds himself embroiled in a massive mystery involving the world’s first sapient machine called Turing. In the game, you and Turning navigate the world and its denizens in order to uncover secrets that will affect the world and the future of humanity.


2064 is a point and click adventure so there isn’t much to the gameplay beyond reading the narrative as you move forward. It does have a fun retro feel to it and that helps to keep the player engaged in the adventure as the story unfolds and becomes more immersive.



The graphics are what you would expect from a title reminiscent of games like Snatcher. It’s a simple interface that is a call back to classic gaming. The Switch version doesn’t alter that too much and it helps with the overall aesthetic of the title, but it also doesn’t add anything visually to the experience.


2064: Read Only Memories is a fun title for the most part and the experience was fun for those of us who remember this type of game from either the PC or handhelds like the Gameboy Advance. It’s an enjoyable experience with an immersive story, but doesn’t cry out to be played extensively. It’s a fun title that one can pick up occasionally if the mood hits and play until something else comes along.



2064: Read Only Memories




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