X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2

Marvel Comics

Written by Leah Williams

Art by Lucas Werneck

Colors by Edgar Delgado

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: The Avengers arrive on Krakoa and things get tense when Magneto tries to protect a secret.

Xavier and Hope probe Magneto’s mind for answers about the murder on the island, but Magnus proves formidable even without his helmet. At the same time, the mutants prepare for guests to arrive on the island. Guests in the form of the Avengers. Despite a few tense moments, the comrades in arms embrace each other and tour the island before getting to the matter of Wanda’s remains. As the mutants try to keep the Avengers distracted, the investigation into Wanda’s murder continues with two teams trying to solve the same mystery.

Wanda’s strange death causes Hope to act on her own and she awakens Magneto in order to enlist him to keep the Avengers from discovering her body. When Cap goes to comfort a grieving Pietro, all hell breaks loose as the group is attacked by Magneto. As both teams fight to protect the evidence and stop Magneto, a surprise visitor returns and her arrival shakes everyone.

The Story: Williams crafts a good story with some interesting and entertaining twists and turns throughout. The history between these characters is beautifully incorporated into the story and every page is filled with tension and intrigue. The mystery behind the murder continues to be intriguing and I wish the tension between the Avengers and the mutants went a little longer and a little deeper because it was great drama. The revelation at the end of the issue was brilliantly done and leaves open the story for interesting possibilities to come.

The Art: Werneck delivers some great art. The characters look great and the action was dramatic and beautifully done.

X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2



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