WW_Cv70Wonder Woman #70

DC Comics

Written by G Willow Wilson

Art by Xermanico

Colors by Romulo Fajardo Jr

Letters by Pat Brosseau

Diana faces a harsh truth as she investigates a town tearing itself apart with its own vices.

Atlantiades has taken control of a small town and allowed its residents to live out their fantasies without consequences. When Diana, Aphrodite and Maggie confront the demigod, they find that the resentment she has for her mother runs deep and makes talking to her next to impossible when she’s surrounded by followers and her own growing power.


Diana flies off to find answers as Aphrodite investigates her child’s temple. Atlantiades gives the Amazon a warning before she departs and Wonder Woman finds herself being called by Steve who has appeared in the town. The two confront some hard truths about their relationship before Diana realizes that something isn’t right. Her revelation might come too late as the people of the town begin to rebel against their god when the reality of they’re actions dawn on them.

There is a lot of emotion and drama in this issue and G Willow Wilson does a great job of crafting a thoughtful and engaging story. The reality of Diana and Steve’s relationship is great storytelling and Wilson finds a way to weave an interesting lesson in the pages of this story. There isn’t a lot of action, but the story does build its drama and tension brilliantly through the dialogue.

Xermanico’s art adds the final layer that makes this issue an entertaining and thought-provoking story for Diana.

Wonder Woman #70




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