The Flash #774

DC Comics

Written by Jeremy Adams

Art by Christian Duce

Colors by Hi-Fi

Letters by Steve Wands

The Rundown: Wally’s new life is challenged by a new foe.

Wally continues to settle into his life as both a husband, father and employee of Terrifictech. As he prepares to take his daughter out for a father/daughter event, a new foe named Dr. Nightmare has something to show his former co-workers at Terrifictech. Nightmare releases a gas in the city that knocks people out and Wally and Iris are caught in the middle of the attack. After discovering everyone asleep, both Iris and Wally find out something else is wrong when they can’t use their powers.

Father and daughter track the villain back to Terrifictech as he breaks open a vault looking for new tech to steal. After taking Nightmare’s tech from him, both Wally and Iris look for a place to hide. With an army of nightmares on their heels, they will have to find an unusual way to stop the villain.

The Story: Adams crafts a fun and actually sweet adventure for Wally and Iris. The stakes are not particularly high and that is what makes the story so enjoyable for what it is. The dialogue between Wally and his daughter is well done and the story has a classic feel to it both from the villain to the character development. It’s a simple story that is well executed.

The Art: Duce delivers some impressive visuals throughout the issue. There are great character moments between Wally and Iris and Duce brings those moments our well.

The Flash #774



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