Strange Adventures #12

DC Comics

Written by Tom King

Art by Mitch Gerads and Evan “Doc” Shaner

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Alanna and Mr. Terrific go on a rescue mission and Alanna recounts a life filled with lies.

In the aftermath of the war on Rann, Adam Strange is hailed as a hero. Unfortunately, no one knows the real truth behind their victory. A truth that will bring Alanna to the Pykkt ship alongside Mr. Terrific to retrieve her daughter. Unfortunately, negotiations do not go smoothly thanks to the rightfully angry Alanna. In the aftermath, mother and daughter are reunited, but the girl wants to know what has happened to her father. Alanna’s thoughts go back to the past and how Adam manipulated her into thinking her daughter was dead and that they needed to find a new life on Earth.

As Alanna and Terrific head back to Earth, she tells him what her plans are. Plans that include Terrific taking care of her daughter and Alanna preparing her world for a possible Pykkt return. She also tells him the truth about what happened to Adam Strange and the part Holt played in it as the two head back to the planet and begin the next chapter in their lives.

The Story: King brings this story to a brilliant, engaging and utterly engrossing conclusion. After the last issue’s conclusion, I wondered how King was going to resolve the stories of these characters and he does so by bringing it back to the characters themselves. The Alanna/Holt dynamic continues to be intriguing and is handled brilliantly throughout the issue. There are some great emotional layers to the writing and characters as well. A brilliant ending executed perfectly.

The Art: Gerads and Shaner deliver some fantastic visuals throughout this issue. The contrast between the two stories looks amazing and both styles continue to complement each other brilliantly.

Strange Adventures #12



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