Star Wars: The Bad Batch


Season 1, Episode 7

Battle Scars

Official Description – As they traverse a decommissioned medical facility, the Batch encounter an unexpected threat.

The show begins with The Batch in a battle with the Rhonkai during a mission for Cid. When they return to Ord Mantell, they discover they have unwittingly indebted themselves to Cid and must decide how to proceed. I find the Batch’s relationship with the information broker to be particularly interesting. The Batch are so used to being taken care of, they have trouble dealing with the minutiae of everyday life. The juxtaposition between their prowess as soldiers, and naïveté in dealing with people is certainly worth noting.

Later, a surprise encounter with an old friend leads to a serious discussion in regards to The Batch’s biggest handicap. As Wrecker’s condition worsens, the group heads to Bracca for preventive treatment for the entire team. Once there, they must evade the scrapper guild and face other dangers while accessing a Jedi cruiser. When something unexpected occurs, the team is faced with a difficult choice. Later, their friend reveals an interesting personal choice, and old enemies are alerted to The Batch’s whereabouts.

This episode is beautifully crafted. The visuals are amazing and have a video game type appearance that made me feel as if I were taking part in the action. I am already very invested in these characters. And the high stakes battle scenes involving The Batch were very emotionally engaging. I was on the edge of my seat for the majority of the run time.

Once again, the universe shrinks with a fan favorite’s appearance. However, Star Wars super fans will take notice of several details that relate to a more obscure section of the franchise. Honestly, I have been wondering since season two of The Mandalorian if certain characters will be making an appearance on the network shows. If so, the consolidation and canonization of events will make for a much richer story surrounding the movie trilogies.

Star Wars: The Bad Batch S01XE07



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