Savage Dragon #251

Image Comics

Written by Erik Larsen

Art by Erik Larsen

Colors by Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris

Letters by Ferran Delgado

The Rundown: An awkward family reunion will bring an old enemy out of the shadows.

Malcolm Dragon gets surprised by a visitor, his father. Unfortunately, this version of Dragon is from a parallel Earth and only has the memories of Malcolm’s father. As Dragon attempts to reconcile his existence on this new Earth, members of the Vicious Circle also learn of a new Dragon in town.


As Malcolm attempts to get to know this man who has his father’s memories, an attack will cut their reunion short and pit father against son.

The Story: Larsen showcases the fallout of merging multiple Earths together and how Malcolm has to deal with both memories of other Earths, but also the return of a father who wasn’t. There are some poignant and really interesting narrative moments throughout this issue and the tone is perfect as both Dragons feel each other out in their tentative attempts to get to know each other. The story also does a great job of surprising the reader with the fight towards the end and giving it some emotional resonance.

The Art: Larsen delivers some amazing visuals throughout this issue. From the interpersonal moments to the action packed fight scene, Larsen does an awesome job of bringing emotion to the art.

Savage Dragon #251




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