Phoenix Song: Echo #1

Marvel Comics

Written by Rebecca Roanhorse

Art by Luca Maresca

Colors by Carlos Lopez

Letters by Ariana Maher

The Rundown: Echo struggles with the power within her while friend and foe alike test her.

Echo tries to return to life as a hero and finds it more difficult with the Phoenix force inside her. Something the men trying to rob a jewelry store will discover and the little girl almost killed in the aftermath will reveal. After being threatened by Daredevil, Echo leaves the area and finds herself being summoned back to Earth into what becomes a trap by Forge to separate her from the force itself.

In the aftermath of her escape, Echo returns to the reservation she received guidance from and is invited to dinner by the grandson of the man she was looking for. The man known as Riverwalker explains who he is and how he can possibly help her get control of the power within her. After showing her a vision, he explains that her journey will need to start in the past because a powerful force is stalking her ancestral line and its actions could devastate Maya’s existence.

The Story: Roanhorse delivers a powerful issue that has some deep and engaging layers. Maya dealing with the power within her as well as the pain that power has caused makes for some great drama. Her search for balance is also great and I really enjoyed seeing how other characters react to her and the Phoenix force in general. The story gets more interesting when it gets personal and involves her ancestors and I cannot wait to see what part of the story explored.

The Art: Maresca delivers some beautiful art in the issue. The characters look fantastic and the action is visually engaging and intense.

Phoenix Song: Echo #1



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