Pennyworth #2

Written by Scott Bryan Wilson

Art by Juan Gedeon

Colors by John Rauch

Letters by AW’s DC Hopkins

The Rundown: In the past, Alfred and Shirley continue their adventures in Russia. Meanwhile, present day Alfred search for a way out of his current situation.

In the distant past, a young Alfred learns valuable techniques from his father that is useful in the fields of Service as well as Intelligence.

In the more recent past, Shirley and Alfred search for information on Russia’s newest weapons project. Soon they discover a horrifying experiment with the potential for massive destruction. As they continue their investigation, the duo finds something unusual. The two split up, and Alfred comes across something disturbing.

In the present, Alfred makes note of his surroundings and accomplishes something interesting. He must then decide how to proceed.

The Story: Wilson has created a fresh and interesting overall narrative involving Alfred. I am impressed with the way the story easily shifts between the three time periods. And I appreciate how each memory influences Alfred’s present actions. I am really enjoying this series. Alfred is such an intriguing and mysterious character. And I have always wanted to know the details of his backstory. I am completely invested in this series and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

The Art: Gedeon and Rauch use a traditional art style to visualize the world surrounding Alfred Pennyworth. Although the color palate leans heavily on blues and reds, it transitions to a variety of other hues depending on the time period and location. The attention to detail and focus on character form are very transportive. Although, this issue is light on action, it is very emotionally engaging and visually appealing.

Pennyworth #2



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