King in Black: Namor #4

Marvel Comics

Written by Kurt Busiek

Art by Benjamin Dewey and Jonas Scharf

Color by Triona Farrell

Letters by VC’s Joe Caramagna

The Rundown: While on the hunt for The Swift Wind, Namor recalls his history with the group of villains.

In the present day, Namor and Andromeda are aboard his Imperial Flagship and searching for the Swift Wind. When they receive bad news, Namor goes off on his own to search for his enemies. During the journey he becomes lost in memory.

The time changes to several years in the past. Namor, Attuma and Dorma arrive at the homeland of Attuma. Unfortunately, a devastating event has occurred. While there, they meet with a friend who gives them vital information involving the Swift Wind.

The trio then head to Atlantis to deliver the message. Upon their arrival, they discover the city is being attacked. When their enemy leaves Atlantis, issuing a pointed threat, Namor, Attuma and Dorma must find a way to save their home.

The Story: Kurt Busiek has crafted an action-packed tale filled with emotion and horror elements. The stakes are high for the characters. And I felt myself completely invested in their well being.

The Art: Benjamin Dewey and Jonas Scharf drawings are stunning. Both use extraordinary detail. Meanwhile, Triona Farrell uses rich, cool tones to capture the essence of an underwriter environment. The combination creates a series of beautiful panels that really draw you into the story.

King in Black: Namor #4



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