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Season 1, Episode 1

It’s About Time

Official Description – When Mark Grayson finally inherits powers from his superhero father, it’s a dream come true. But there’s more to being a hero than just choosing a name and costume.


The Episode opens with two guards at The White House discussing life. When an attack occurs, the superhero unit, the Guardians of the Globe, arrive to confront the assailants. An intense battle occurs and sets the tone for the episode.


Later, we are introduced to the Grayson family. Their family dynamics are highlighted as Mark Grayson must navigate being the son of a superhero. Mark begins the episode waiting on his super powers to manifest. And he is shown going about an ordinary day, interacting with classmates and working a part time job.


When Mark starts to develop special abilities, his father, Omni-Man takes him under his wing. He then must deal with learning to hone his talents. And endure the psychological toll that comes with living up to his father’s expectations. As his confidence grows, so does his desire to fight crime and bullies. He has several confrontations and handles each with in a different manner.

Throughout the episode, Mark’s father is shown in a variety of situations. Most notably, training and advising his son. He juggles a variety of activities as husband and super hero team member. And while he is kind and justice, he has moments of doubt and anger.


At the end of the episode, the Guardians of the Globe are summoned to a meeting. When they are assembled, someone unexpected infiltrates their ranks. And a tragedy occurs. The burning question then becomes: “What will happen next?”

This is an adult cartoon series with graphic violence. Based on a popular series from Image Comics, Amazon Prime has produced the animated cousin of The Boys. And I am here for it. Writer Robert Kirkman, of The Walking Dead fame, creates an emotional coming of age story intermixed with all out mayhem.


Steven Yeun shines as Mark Grayson. He does a great job conveying the angst and audaciousness of an older teen coming into his own. Playing opposite of J.K.Simmons’ Omni-Man, the two perfectly convey a loving but tense father-son relationship.

Although, there are points where the episode feels a bit long and drawn out, the action is incredibly intense. And the story is well thought out. The cliff hanger ending is shocking and disturbing. Yet, it made me anxious for me. I’m looking forward to seeing how this series plays out.

Invincible S01XE01



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