Harley Quinn #6

DC Comics

Written by Stephanie Phillips

Art by Laura Braga

Colors by Arif Prianto

Letters by Andworld Design

The Rundown: Harley Quinn enlists the aid of Catwoman in her pursuit of justice in Gotham City.

After running from the magistrate, Harley finds herself in Alleytown. She then asks Catwoman for help in tracking a shipment of drugs. Soon, the two then obtain vital information from an local gangster. Afterwards, Catwoman and Harley attempt to obtain the shipment. However, an act of impatience shown by Harley causes a major confrontation. During the altercation, Harley finds herself in a compromising situation. Catwoman then makes an important decision. Later, the duo have an important conversation that leaves Harley in a thoughtful state. Meanwhile, Hugo Strange has a revealing interaction with someone unexpected.

The Story: Philips creates and intriguing narrative that ushers in a new story-arc for this series. This is the perfect entry point for new readers. It also serves as the prelude to the upcoming Fear State cross over event. Hugo Strange has an interesting visitor that feeds into this new happening. And while the events that surround Strange’s mysterious project is thrilling, I am most interested in the relationship with Harley and Catwoman. Though the two are at odds, they have a compelling dynamic that is enjoyable to watch. And I can’t help but root for their friendship. I am curious to see how their future interactions will play out, especially as the Fear State begins in Gotham.

The Art: The drawing style switches up in this issue as Laura Braga takes on the mantle of series artist. This is a good looking issue filled with action and excitement. The illustration here is extremely detailed, and the color palette is bold. The realistic facial expressions and character movements are very engaging and I felt completely transported throughout the tale.

Harley Quinn #6



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