Eat the Rich #3

Boom! Studios

Written by Sarah Gailey

Art by Pius Bak

Colors by Roman Titov

Letters by Cardinal Rae

The Rundown: Joey voices her concerns, but her fall into her boyfriend’s world might not have an exit.

Joey is separated from Astor at the party and his mother decides to take the young woman aside and explain exactly what she witnessed the night before. She explains where she came from and what she went through when she met Astor’s father as well as her hand in the new aesthetic they live under including the contracts the employees sign. Joey wants to know more, especially why they eat their employees, but her question is brushed off with flattery and promises.

After returning to Astor, things get tense when it’s time for everyone to sit down for lunch. Still conflicted about what she witnessed, Joey thinks about her relationship with Astor and the life she wants before making an unexpected decision. A decision that will put her squarely into Astor’s world and everything that comes with it. Including a change in her that she didn’t expect and might not be able to stop.

The Story: Gailey continues to craft an interesting and compelling story in this issue. The dialogue is great and I enjoy the fact that all the cards are being put on the table. It allows the story to be about how deep down the rabbit hole Joey is willing to go and who she will become at the other side. A consistently entertaining and intriguing look at a compelling world and the moral choices the character has to make.

The Art: Pius Bak delivers some great art. The style of the characters and world are interesting and almost disarm the reader from the brutal reality of the situation.

Eat the Rich #3



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