Black Manta #1

DC Comics

Written by Chuck Brown

Art by Valentine De Landro

Colors by Marissa Louise

Letters by Clayton Cowles

The Rundown: Black Manta searches for mysterious device, Mr. Blue gains new allies, and a remarkable new entity emerges.

Black Manta contemplates his legacy as he races across the sea. Meanwhile, pirates capture a yacht. Soon Black Manta arrives at the scene and confronts the pirate’s captain. Later, he and Gallous discuss his ailment and their current plans. In Metropolis, Mr. Blue urges his teammates to leave their current boss and join his crew. He then begins working on a curious project with worldwide ramifications. Finally, in the Underworld, someone powerful gains their freedom.

The Story: Brown has created a compelling introductory chapter for a very promising new series. This episode sets up several storylines and introduces two new and dynamic characters. The multiple character arcs are well done. However, readers will need to pay close attention as the transitions are swift and relatively subtle. I really enjoyed this story and am exciting for the next issue.

The Art: In this issue, De Landro creates traditional drawings that are paired with a color palate of blues and greens. The changes in hue create a clear demarcation in the different locations and character arcs presented. The attention to detail and emphasis on character expression and form are emotionally engaging. This good looking edition is very transportive and interesting.

Black Manta #1



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