Black Hammer Reborn #2

Dark Horse Comics

Written by Jeff Lemire

Art by Caitlin Yarsky

Colors by Dave Stewart

Letters by Nate Piekos

The Rundown: Lucy continues to grapple with her past as her daughter takes a dangerous trip.

Rose and a friend decide to break into a restricted base controlled by TRIDENT because Rose wants to experience the unique gravity of the area. After convincing her friend to break in, they find their fun immediately threatened by monsters and TRIDENT agents.

As Lucy remembers one of her past encounters with the vigilante known as Skulldigger, she recalls a moment that will have resonance with her present. After discovering what is happening to her daughter, Lucy races off to help her, but Skulldigger might not be the distant memory she thinks he is.

The Story: Lemire continues to masterfully put the pieces together of a big, compelling puzzle in this issue. The story is personal and Lucy’s journey continues to be one that is entertaining and interesting to read. I was impressed with the way this story unfolded and the plot does a great job of expanding this world while keeping the story focused on character. I enjoyed the back story and how it informs Lucy’s relationship with her daughter in the present. There is some great drama in those moments and I am interested in seeing how they play out.

The Art: Yarsky delivers some beautiful imagery throughout this issue. The trippy nature of the restricted area is great and visually stunning.

Black Hammer Reborn #2



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