DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

The CW

Season 3 Episode 8

Crisis on Earth X Part 4

Stein is down and the only way he can get help is if he joins Jefferson as Firestorm. As Barry and Ray take out Red Tornado, the team enters the breach just in time to rescue Kara and take back STAR Labs from evil Oliver and his forces. The bad guys manage to escape as the Legends rescue Team Arrow and The Flash crew.


As the heroes gather, everyone makes their way to the Waverider and is reunited with their friends and family. Stein and Jefferson are keeping each other alive because of their bond as Team Arrow, specifically Mr. Terrific discovers that Overgirl’s condition is worse than everyone thought and her death will cause a cataclysm. Jefferson and Stein come to have a final moment in probably the best emotional scene of the entire crossover.

Sara finds out about Stein’s sacrifice and the teams come to grips with their loss as Jefferson goes to tell Stein’s family what happened. The Nazi Waverider heads for Central City and Evil Oliver tries to make a deal, but with all of the heroes royally pissed, it isn’t going to happen.


The finale of this event hits some real emotional highs. There are some cheesy moments that could have been dialed back, but I understand what they were trying to accomplish. What really worked was the action. All of the sequences worked and every hero got their moments, some more than others. As the finale tried to end on a high note, the producers pushed the moment a little too hard and I was left rolling my eyes a little. I also wondered why an episode of Legends didn’t end with the Legends. I would have preferred the Flash/ Arrow issues to be resolved earlier and the Legends given the time to deal with their emotions over their loss.

The crossover worked as a whole with every character given their moment and time to shine and remind viewers why these characters have endured. I especially enjoyed the fact that the producers have really pushed the envelope as far as the action and introducing new characters. With this crossover and last season’s, it really looks like a crossover event will be a standard for the shows going forward and they really know how to make them work.

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